“...there is power in self-sacrifice.”

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Synopsis/Director's Note
"Gifts" is a unique take on the age old tale "The Gift of the Magi". Set in 1950, Sarah, a young girl who has lost both her parents, lives with her grandfather, Thomas, in his old farmhouse. Thomas' job brings in little money and the two live on almost nothing. With nothing but a thin coat and her love for Thomas, Sarah journeys to find her grandfather the perfect Christmas present while sacrificing much on the way.

We heard the story, "The Gift of the Magi" around Christmas time almost 2 years ago. The minute the story was over we said, "Wow, that would make a great film." Without further ado, we got our ideas down on paper the next day. For almost 2 years the script has sat on a desk as we tweaked it here and there, finally landing on a great storyline. The entire short film revolves around the idea of self-sacrifice - a concept we think has become obsolete in much of society. By using a young, 10-year old girl and an elderly man, we hope to express that sacrifice isn't just for the newly married or the perfect families or the rich and famous. It's relevant to children and adults across all walks of life and transcendent of time, place or situation. We're excited to tell this story and we hope it impacts you just as it has us.

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We're an experienced crew exploring all sorts of films over every genre. You can check out some of our work below. At the end of the day, telling stories is what we love to do. From the first word on the script to the final edit, we'll take our time investing in all aspects of this tale. We have an awesome opportunity and an incredible message at our fingertips and we won't stop until we've done it justice.

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